East Victoria Park Transformation
East Victoria Park Transformation

The evolution of East Victoria Park

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Dramatic changes to the urban form are easily visible when decades of time are condensed into before and after images.


Vic Park Trees is proud to bring you our Urban Transformation series so you can re-live this process or discover something you didn't know about our town. 

We compiled a series of satellite images from Victoria Park taken in 1953 and 2017. To compare each image just slide the bar left or right. As your finger moves across the screen you will be wiping on (or off) 64 years of time and the subsequent changes that have occurred.

Notice how social and civic infrastructure has evolved over time?  See how the quintessential 1/4 acre yard has vanished? Watch how endemic bush land transformed into houses, businesses, parks, schools and more...

Victoria Park


Lathlain Park

Oats Street

Curtin University

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