Vic Park Trees is part of a growing collective of like minded groups in Perth, evolving in response to development pressures impacting on tree canopy cover. All groups ultimately have an overwhelming desire to improve their suburbs by planting more trees, and in doing so bring people together to form communities.

Our Victoria Park branch is comprised of a dedicated team of locals from various backgrounds and professions. Network administrator Peter Melrosa has a degree in Urban Planning and says the group is pro-development, pro-environment and pro-community. “Yes it is possible to be all three simultaneously and we explicitly want to show that progress doesn’t have to come with sacrificing trees!"

The idea of forming Vic Park Trees came after Peter attended the launch of The Greens 'Perth's Urban Forest' plan and sat next to Leisha Jack, who is a stalwart campaigning for urban tree preservation. The Facebook page was launched soon after and the network began to generate content, discussion and mobilise the community - leading to the creation of the Victoria Park Urban Tree Network which in  2018 became Vic Park Trees.

The development of Lathlain Park was the primary catalyst for the group coming together. Once the tree network formed, the group quickly began to realise the level of concern the community had and the lack of a united voice to convey their concerns. Further impetus to the growth and formation of the group was the release of a report outlining critical tree canopy cover across Perth and the systematic reduction in trees occurring from urban infill.

Vic Park Trees is committed to a sustainable future for the town. We wish to protect the amenity of the town, however our desire is to invest in it and improve it considerably and do so with the full support and assistance of the wider community and in partnership with the Town of Victoria Park.