The name suggests a connection to parks and Victoria Park certainly delivers on this with a collection of established and beautiful spaces for its residents to enjoy.

While the supply of parks or 'open space' is actually lower than the metropolitan average, the standard of parks in the area is high.

Vic Park Trees came to be as a result of the development of one of the town's prized assets - Lathlain Park. Development here resulted in widespread destruction of 1.2 million dollar's worth of trees, instead of an integrated development working with the constraints of an established 60 year old landscape.

We do not want to see a development like this occur in the manner it did ever again in the town.

As a group, we highly value the network of parks in the town and we wish to ensure that further development of these important spaces does not impact on tree canopy cover, or the potential to increase tree canopy cover.

To ensure our parks are protected we want to create an alliance which brings together residents who live adjacent to our parks, giving them a united and powerful voice to ensure development near or on parks is appropriate and sustainable.