Guerrilla Gardening

Ever noticed a neglected place or garden in your area? Guerrilla gardening is the selfless act of taking ownership of a neglected public (or private) space without the necessary approval or permission. There is a risk you will lose your hard work if a poor location is chosen, however often simply asking for permission is all it takes to get a Guerrilla Garden up and running! Let us help you facilitate this in collaboration with the Town of Victoria Park. 

Stormwater Catchment Revegetation

Do you live near one of these? There are over 90 catchments in the Town of Victoria Park and most are vacant, provide no amenity and are fenced off. We believe these spaces can provide a boost to our public open space, if only they were given more attention with plants, trees and some basic amenities. Perhaps this could happen if we helped facilitate the process? If you think your nearby catchment could be revegetated to provide more benefits to your street and community, let us know!

Seed Collection and Propagation

One of the more quirky and forgotten skills is seed collection and propagation. We now go to Bunnings and buy ready-grown plants, however that takes the fun and excitement out of doing it yourself! If you have the time, passion and space in your backyard, maybe you would like to start your own boutique nursery? Kids especially like the process of seed collection, right down to waiting for and watching the seeds germinate! 

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From grass roots activities to collaborating with major stakeholders like the Town of Victoria Park, our intention is to bring everyone together to determine a sustainable and attractive future for all.


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