To bring about positive change, we must reward the actions of community members that are working towards the change we wish to see. What better way to do this than some friendly competition!


Check out our collection of competitions we are planning to run and make sure you nominate yourself or someone who you think deserves an award. If you are a business and would like to donate prizes and be featured on our website, please contact us.

Indigenous Territory Award 2017

The value of choosing Indigenous species in the garden is becoming clearer as we adjust to reduced rainfall and the damaging effects of urban sprawl on the Swan Coastal Plain. Promoting endemic species that are suited to the climate and soil type is a key strategy of the network in restoring biodiversity in our community. If you have an Indigenous garden or know of one that deserves an award, why not nominate it in the Indigenous Territory award!

Elegant Tree Award 2017

Have you ever stopped to stare at a tree and wondered upon it in amazement? Sometimes a tree is so striking in form, meticulously maintained and carefully pruned (if at all) that it is nothing short of elegant. The Elegant Tree award is specifically focussed on the beauty of a tree and the manner in which it may be displayed in its setting. The use of lighting, decoration, pruning style or simply a well-chosen species with a particular attribute that is desirable may very well qualify it to be considered for the Elegant Tree award! 

Sleek Street Award 2017

How sleek is your street? Is there a sense of pride by the residents that translates into well maintained verges, gardens and well houses? Do the residents park their cars neatly on the road instead of on verges? Do they bring their bins in early and keep them out of sight? Do the residents help each other out by sharing resources like bores, gardening tools, plants and mulch? Does it all translate into a Sleek looking Street to be proud of?  If so, why not nominate your street (or someone else's) for the Sleek Street award!

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